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Arezzo (IT)

Valdichiana Outlet Village – Piazza Maggiore

  • Client: Land of Fashion

  • DATE: 2019
  • LOCATION: Foiano della Chiana (AR), Italy

The restyling project of the Valdichiana Outlet Village main square focuses on the central point of the commercial complex, which unfortunately lacked distinctive elements, leaving it as a vast and empty space.

The project, therefore, aimed to transform the space by making it lively and attractive for the visitor, able to perform its function of fulcrum through a functional mix characterized by seats, green areas, and areas for catering. It was decided to intervene mainly by characterizing the square through a design of flooring that fits into the panorama of local Tuscan architecture, taking advantage of the areas created to give liveliness through the use of different colors for each area.

Finally, the inclusion of a new style staircase has made it possible to make the new food court on the first floor easier.

  • AREA: 1800 mq
  • PROJECT TEAM: Solids
  • DESIGN PHASE: 2018