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SOLIDS - Integrated Design Solutions


We believe that

Multidisciplinary is the SOLID response to the uniqueness and complexity of each project.

Solids is a multidisciplinary consulting, architecture and engineering firm based in Milan, that focuses on developing projects with a deep narrative rooted in quality, innovation and efficiency. With careful disciplinary integration, the firm values building a continuous dialogue with clients, consultants, and executors. Solids works on a variety of scale projects with extensive experience in commercial complexes for renowned clients including Value Retail, Kryalos, Blackstone, Eurocommercial, Multi, and Investire.

our skills


We aim to understand each project to the core with a strong commitment to research. Evaluating and staying up to date on new developments and technologies within the field.


Serving our clients efficiently where our service is needed is a key factor in Solids multidisciplinary approach. We realize innovative design solutions for the built environment.


We work closely with our engineering team from the initial concept all the way through completion on site to ensure building codes and third/party procedures are all accordingly met.

Meet the team


Founding partners Gregg Brodarick and Stefano Giubileo established Solids in 2012. They maintain the strategic direction of the firm and its continuous evolution, overlooking projects from the start of the design process through to the construction phase.

Gregg Brodarick

Gregg Brodarick

Architect & Co-Founder

Before joining Solids, Gregg Brodarick was a founding partner in the architectural and design Studio BDG, which has been offering professional architectural services since ...

Stefano Giubileo

Stefano Giubileo

Architect & Co-Founder

Co-founder of Solids, Stefano Giubileo is an Italian registered architect based in Milan where he received his Master of Architecture degree in 1998 and a Health and Safety Coordinator license in 1999 ...

Professionals and expertise

Our Team

The team provides fully integrated and industry-leading design, engineering, construction supervision and master planning services to both public and private sector clients.

Team: Alessio Mantovani, Andrea Bianchi, Fabio Crespi, Bianca Miglietta, Monica Capellani, Maria Giulia Atzeni, Federica Wetzl, Anna Portoghese, Irene Prandoni

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