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Milano (IT)

TPR Tower of professions

  • Client: Focus Investments SPA

  • DATE: 2019
  • LOCATION: Corsico (Mi), Italy
The TPR project involves the construction of a multifunctional building complex to complete a residential area located near Milan: a strategic location along the Milan-Mortara railway linking Corsico to the center of Milan in just a few minutes.
The complex overlooks an existing urban park, bordered to the south by the Naviglio Grande, and is composed of a large horizontal slab of two levels above ground, surmounted by a twenty-story tower.
The volume of the slab has a unitary planimetric design that is carved inside by a curved pedestrian path as an extension of the path inside the park; the ground floor offers commercial and public services while on the first floor there is a congress center and a fitness center. The rooftop is designed as a large raised square with green surfaces. The functions for the tower are a hotel, office space and on the top floor, a Sky bar and a restaurant with a 360 ° view; the interior spaces and systems offer great flexibility to modulate the functions based on the needs of the tenants, with particular attention to the realization of a cutting-edge project in the fields of sustainability and energy saving by providing a possible certification according to the LEED requirements
  • AREA: 14000 mq
  • DESIGN PHASE: 2019-in progress