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Interior Outlet Village

Fidenza Village – New Toilet

  • Client: Value Retail


Who says that public bathrooms can‘t become an attraction?

The new scheme for the bathrooms in Fidenza Village, a member of the Bicester Shopping Village Collection, is an ambitious project that showcases how the present-day trends are increasingly projected in the design of public bathrooms. This new concept reflects a sense of wellness, pampering visitors with a comfortable and intimate environment, becoming an essential aspect of the commercial experience. Completely custom-designed, the materials and finishes are combined through sophisticated technical details specifically for this space, to integrate a project that does not forget functionality but rather tries to redefine the common imagery associated with service spaces.

The use of traditional materials such as marble, brass and molded glass are combined with contemporary materials such as soft-touch laminates and technologically advanced systems such as taps and electronic towels in an attempt to define a new balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty.

  • DATE: 2019
  • LOCATION: Fidenza, Italy
  • CLIENT: Value Retail
  • AREA: 150 mq
  • DESIGN PHASE: 2019