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Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Coffee House Flagship

  • Client: Private

  • DATE: 2020
  • LOCATION: Southeast Asia

SOLIDS designed the first flagship store of a new chain of cafés for Southeast Asia. This design offers a "premium coffee experience" through a concept conceived as a tribute to Italy.

The small iconic volume is characterized by an articulated volumetric study born from the analysis of the specific characteristics of the site context The play of SOLIDS and voids, lights and shadows, and double-height spaces, also underlined by the presence of perforated screens that protect the terraces on the first floor from solar radiation, gives the facades a strong dynamism.

The use of “Ceppo di Grè” as a facade cladding recalls the Milanese tradition. The wood wants to evoke the traditional local architecture, the portico as a typological element and the sunscreen as a decorative motif. The architectural language tends instead to assert itself with a contemporary vocabulary.

  • AREA: 700 mq
  • DESIGN PHASE: 2020
  • CONSTRUCTION PHASE: in progress