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Roma (IT)

Fiumicino Business Village

  • Client: Investire SGR

  • DATE: 2018
  • LOCATION: Fiumicino (RM), Italy

The redevelopment strategy of an existing office complex, located near the motorway from Rome to Fiumicino airport, aimed to transform its traditional use. The concept introduces a "Business Village" which enhances the usual office building by including new facilities and services that meet the needs of workers and companies. Introducing services dedicated to consumption and hospitality to achieve a model that combines work space with meeting places, productivity and creativity.

Through the architecture of the façade we intend to return a renewed and contemporary image to the decadent complex, renewing its perception to represent an active place full of opportunities.

  • AREA: 22.000 mq
  • PROJECT TEAM: Solids
  • DESIGN PHASE: Luglio 2018