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Solids - March 9, 2023 - 0 comments

We are proud to announce that Solids, with the restyling project of the Montefeltro Office Village, has been awarded by ICBA as an expression of Italian excellence in the context of the Italian Design Day 2023.

The Italian Design Day is an annual recurrence dedicated to the celebration of the excellence of the design “Made in Italy” all around the world.

The theme for this edition is: “The quality that lights up. the energy of design for people and the environment”, aims to be the expression of a program that touches on fundamental issues for the planet. With its intellectual and productive energy, Italian design intends to help bring light to a period in which shadows and darkness seem to prevail, and to do so using that quality which has always been its hallmark. In this context, the word quality is not so much a synonym for luxury but rather a factor of sustainable and responsible development.


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The design proposal is a screen composed of triangular glazed modules alternated with others in perforated sheet metal, will guarantee dynamism to the facade both during the day and at night.

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